Friday, July 18, 2008

Life as we know it

Things are going really well here in Cedar City. We like our callings. We have only been able to be in primary one Sunday, but that one Sunday was a blast. Glen is working at the SUU music building doing odd jobs and I am working from home as a Student Advisor. It is the best job I have ever had! I get to stay home and tidy up the house and take the dog out. I'm almost always busy which is very nice. And today is Friday which means tonight is date night!!! My favorite night of the week. It's nice when the biggest problem you have to worry about it is which movie to see, which can be hard when Mamma Mia and Dark Knight come out on the same weekend. Anyway, life is great and I love my little family!

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Jilly Gwilly said...

Go see Dark Knight. I command you.