Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Best Birthday Ever!

My birthday started out pretty normal. As soon as my eyeballs were open I heard, "Happy Birthday to you!" Sung to the tune of, you guessed it, the Happy Birthday song. Then breakfast was catered by McD's (mmmmmmm McGriddle). Glen made me open my presents. I did not complain. He gave me maternity clothes of which I was desperately in need, and the LDS version of the bible translated in Spanish. This might not be as exciting to some of you until you find out it just came out this year! The entire time I was on the mission I was reading the Catholic translation of the Bible to Catholics and telling them to join the church. Anyway, now I have JS translations and a bible dictionary and so on and so forth. Glen told me there were more presents arriving in the mail later in the afternoon. He went to school and I got to work. A package did come in the afternoon and I set it inside and patiently waited for Glen to get home. He finally did, but he was not alone. He brought with him a beautiful bouquet of flowers! They are still here on the coffee table. I am looking at them right.... now! Anywho, he told me to open the package and inside was the most beautiful maternity pea coat I ever did see! And a sweatshirt that zips in the front! Both of which will keep me warm!
By this time I was starving since I knew we would be going out to dinner and I wanted to be hungry. I told Glen that his wife and child were wasting away and he said, "I know but if we go now we will be early..." Uh whu? So, then he said we had reservations. Oooh. But we needed to drop something off at a friend's house first. Hmmmm.... fishy. Anywho, we went to said friend's house and rang the doorbell, she answered and lead us into the kitchen, when all of a sudden people were jumping out and yelling surprise! Which was exciting in and of itself, however, (insert dramatic pause here) MY PARENTS CAME OUT FROM THE CORNER! My parents! The ones that live in Arizona? You know the ones. I started to cry.... I couldn't help it! My parents on my birthday! But that wasn't the last surprise. Glen had given out assignments to everyone to each make some sort of food that I missed from Argentina! There was guiso de lentejas (lentil stew, so good! Glen made that), empanadas, ensalada de frutas (fruit salad, duh!), ensalada rusa (Russian salad, really just potatoes, carrots, peas and mayonaise), alfojores de maizena con dulce de leche (sandwich cookies with dulce de leche in the middle), chimichuri (really good sauce), and an ice cream cake (not Argentine, purchased from DQ. Had it been from Argentina it would either have been drenched in sugar water or tasted like nail polish remover so I am glad it was not). We still have about half the ice cream cake left in the freezer. It's delicious!
So, you can see why this was the best birthday ever! I have the most thoughtful husband. And he's a liar, but I have come to look past that. Plus my parents are both liars as well as they had said they would not be coming to Utah until Wednesday because my mom has not been feeling well. But anyway, Glen is the best and I am so glad I forced him to marry me so that I could be happy.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Something new

I started to feel bad that every time I came on my blog I got a shot of my baby's peen; which means so is the rest of the free world. So, it's time for a new post. This year for Halloween picking a costume was a chore. We went to Wal-mart a few times and looked at the pre-packaged costumes but I just couldn't justify paying at least $20 a piece. The ones we actually liked were $35. So, instead, since I wasn't feeling well and just wanted to leave the store, I came up with my own costume. I figured Glen would still want to buy his costume in a bag. I grabbed those tattoo sleeves and a red and black wig and I was ready. Glen then decided to make me really happy and start grabbing his own stuff to make the same costume for himself. We were finally going to match again for Halloween! The only other time this happened was one year when we rented awesome period costumes and he was like Mozart or something and I was a lady (I know, big stretch). We don't even have pictures! Anywho, he grabbed some red hair paint and more tattoo sleeves. We then grabbed white face paint which we didn't use. (Speaking of that, we need to take that back, maybe next year when it's full price again) Then I grabbed some black bracelets for myself and we figured we would get the rest another day. The day before Halloween we went to DI and grabbed a leather belt and then we went to The Wiz and picked up some fake earrings. Glen cut the belt down to make awesome bracelets for himself. On the day in question, we put on our black clothes and make-up, tattoos and earrings and this was the result:Glen also has two earrings in his ear but you can't see them. All in all we probably spent about $25. I was very pleased. We of course have better pictures on the camera along with pictures of Glen's birthday party which was three months ago. Someday I will go get a cd of my pictures and then you will all be inundated with old pictures you don't care about. Regardless, this was our Halloween! (Please ignore my messy bed in the first picture... we were busy trying to get ready)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hi! I'm cute!

If you can't tell what I am having, you don't deserve to know.

Monday, November 2, 2009

It's a...

Toss up! Wow, the voting came down to 50% for one and 50% for another. So, now I can tell you, half of your were right and half were wrong. So, way to go half of you! Other half, better luck next time.