Sunday, January 27, 2013

Oliver is 9 months!

My little baby is nine months old! We took him to the doctor on Thursday and his is 18 lbs 3 ounces and 28 inches. He is in the 70th percentile for head size. So, he is the same height and head size as George was at this age but 2 pounds lighter! He never stops eating though. He eats way more than George does now and almost as much as I do. He will eat as long as there is food in front of him. We have graduated from purees so he just eats whatever is on my plate and I always end up having to get more for him. He's so happy and cute and he is now crawling! He pulls himself up but he can't stand without support yet. I love my little Ollie boy so much and he is his big brother's best friend (after Mommy of course)! It hard not to want another one right away when the baby form of them is so awesome. But then they get to be 18 months old and I'm ready to trade them in. So I will wait until then to see if he is anything like George was and then we'll decide from there...

Monday, January 7, 2013


What an amazing year we had!

In April, Georgie Porge turned two! He has been a dream of a two year-old! We had some struggles at the beginning but once I realized I didn't have to think of them as terrible twos, my world changed. I am more patient and I explain everything I tell George to do or not to do. He understands and tantrums are very rare. If he does throw a tantrum it doesn't last very long. He is smart and cute and loving.

Oliver was born in April as well and we have just loved having a baby brother in the house! I am told he looks just like George but as his mom, I just see Oliver so I can't vouch for that. He is sweet and we love him so. He does make a lot of the same faces as baby George did and he sounds the same, to be sure.

I graduated from BYU and I was able to walk at graduation which was really fun. I am still working the same job and the primary bread winner in our family which is a good place for me. I am still second counselor in the Relief Society which means I plan all of the activities. Talk about a stressful calling... But I love the women I serve.

Glen started his Master's Degree at ASU and completed his first semester with a 3.83. He took ten credits which is more than what was advisable... but, he did a great job! He is also working as a TA at ASU and as a music teacher at Legacy. He has been teaching piano lessons as well. He is keeping us afloat, that's for sure!

Here are my "resolutions" from last year:

  1. Potty train George Done and done!
  2. Have a healthy baby boy without needing to be induced We did it!
  3. Gain no more than another 15 lbs this pregnancy I gained just about that much...
  4. Finish baby #2's quilt before he gets here Got it done!
  5. Breastfeed through the end of the year And still going strong!
  6. Save enough money for Glen to get his Masters without taking out a loan We haven't taken out a loan yet but we have used up about 1/3 of our saved money. We made some home improvements...
  7. Graduate from BYU with my bachelors Yay! And I waited until the next graduation and I was able to walk!
  8. Get Glen started at ASU in the Fall in the program he really wants Music History and Literature! Go Daddy!
  9. Find a good daycare for George when Glen starts school We didn't end up putting him in daycare but he is in preschool twice a week and he loves it!!