Monday, August 30, 2010


George is now rolling all over the place and he is sitting up by himself... and falling over occasionally. He is talking up a storm! His favorite word is "dada". And he likes to bite me. Mostly my face. This is not my favorite.
Glen is still a little stressed at work but he is getting into a groove... kinda. He still doesn't have computers in his computer class so coming up with things to talk about with his Jr. High kids is becoming quite a challenge.
I am still working just as hard as ever. Big changes are coming to the school where I work which will mean more busy work. It also means a lot of training. I wish I could actually go into the office for said training but listening over the phone will have to do.
We spoke in church on Sunday. My jokes ended with the congregation laughing, which, really, was my number one goal. I hope they also learned the importance of family prayer and yada, yada, yada. Glen spoke on music, of course. And he did wonderfully. Everyone sang the closing hymn so his talk was also a success.
I am coming to find that my love for George is growing as he does. However, I don't think this will last forever. I figure one day that love will plateau and then, as he beings to throw tantrums and the like, it will fluctuate one way or the other. But for now, it keeps growing. It's almost painful.
Charlie has become the official baby guarder. He goes to find the baby every morning when he hears him crying. He also lays on the floor the entire time I am feeding, reading, and singing to George when it's time for bed. And he likes to look over into the tub during bath time. And if George is crying very hard, Charlie will cry and howl with him. I'm sure they will be the best of friends someday! You know, as soon as George can pick him up by the ears and carry him around. Best of friends, I tell you!

Monday, August 16, 2010


My so called "baby" is now cutting his first tooth. I am not emotionally ready for this. Nor am I physically ready, if you catch my drift. My smaller-than-average baby is growing up right before my eyes. Next thing you know he will want to try solids and then he will be asking to drive the car. I guess it's time to have another one. Yeah, right. Anyway, for your veiwing pleasure:

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back to School

Glen starts teaching on Monday. He is a little stressed out thinking he is not physically ready, as in, his classroom is not ready. Also, it seems he has an electric guitarist in his band class.... He's not quite sure what to do with that. He is amazing and will do an exceptional job even if he doesn't have all of the resources he thinks he needs.
We are still waiting for callings in our new ward. Another couple moved in the same week as us, if not later, and they already have callings. We do have a speaking assignment for the last week of August. I'm glad they gave us so much time to prepare but I fear I will most likely wait until the last minute anyway. I don't know why I think that, but I know myself pretty well.
This month is going to be very exciting! This Saturday, my nephew, Tayen, is getting baptized! Then the next day, my cousin is giving his homecoming talk. He is a stud and I can't wait to see him! He served in the same mission as Glen so they may have some families and areas in common that they will need to discuss. Then, of course, the next Sunday, we are speaking in church. Hopefully by then we will have callings.
8-yr old nephew Tayen.
My cousin, Chas, with his eldest brother, Justin, on his way home to Mesa, AZ!

In the meantime, we are reminded each Sunday of how awesome our ward in Cedar is. We miss it. We had friends and people who cared about us. Although, the bishop here did call Glen on his way to the church to see if he wanted to go practice the organ which was extremely thoughtful. We were touched. And we are often reminded of the beauty and weather of our beloved Cedar City. It's hot here. The end.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Four Month Stats!

George is slipping on the charts. He weighs 14 lbs 12 oz and is 25 inches. His head is 16.5 inches. So, he is 34th for weight, 38th for height and 29th for head circumference. We have a new doctor and he didn't really say anything about it. I would be fine with it if he wasn't 85th percentile at birth. But I know he is at least growing... I'm hoping for a spurt. He's dang cute though!
George is enjoying Arizona! He sweats a lot but he gets to go to the pool! We love our house. It's the perfect size for a growing family. Glen has been in training for the last two weeks. He will begin to get his classroom(s) ready next week and school starts on the 16th. He's not sure about the weather and the list of subjects he will be teaching continues to grow (band, orchestra, music appreciation, elementary computers, and art. He is also in charge of creating the yearbook). But he is forging onward, with a smile on his face.
The best news of all is that my company is allowing me to continue to work in Arizona! I had been scrambling looking for anything I could. I just wanted a part-time something to help pay the bills (especially since we got a $300 electric bill [luckily we found out we were charged twice what we should have been]). Now we will be able to save up for a rainy day and pay off our card which bought the appliances for our home. I love love love my job! I work with great people and my job description has changed every year which helps keep things interesting.
Anyway, we are VERY blessed to have jobs in this economy, and I get to stay home with my Porgie!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Four Months and Twenty-Five Years

Today is Glen's birthday!! He is the big 2-5. I can't narrow down the reasons I love him to 25 so I won't bother to list them here. Today we made him the breakfast of his choice, he opened a couple of presents and we went to church. Tonight I made him Brazilian food called feijoada, his choice. It was really good. And we had cake and ice cream. Spice cake with cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with heath crumbles. Also tasty. Tomorrow we are having a real party at Organ Stop Pizza which is a pizza place with a live organist. Perfect for our Glen.
I often brag about how wonderful Glen is and I feel like people will stop reading if I do it again so I will fore go it this time.My baby is 4 months old today. He is babbling, blowing bubbles and working on his consonants. He screams.... a lot. He is an all around happy baby and we love to have him around. He still hasn't figured out rolling over. He has rolled over in his crib and he almost rolls over from his back to his stomach. Speaking of his crib, Grandma bought us a monitor and George has been sleeping in his crib ever since. In his own room! Contrary to my earlier hopes and dreams, this does not mean he stays asleep longer. I don't know why I thought he would but I did. Since we moved, he wakes up around 2 or 4. Then again when Glen and I wake up at 6. Then he takes a two or three hour nap after that. I'm ready to give him away. Not really, but he has spoiled me. I was used to sleeping eight hours and now I get much less. And I work so I don't get many naps.
Anyway, I love my baby! I love Glen! Signing off.This was George's first experience with just hanging out outside. This was in Cedar City, of course, a couple of months ago.