Saturday, June 26, 2010


Unless you are his Grandma, I don't expect you to watch the whole video...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2 month stats!

Weight: 12lbs 3 oz (46th percentile)
Height: 23.5 inches (55th percentile)
Head circ: 16 inches (53rd percentile)

Pretty average all around. Well, physically at least!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wait, Scratch that, Reverse it...

The following three posts are in reverse order. Please read them from the beginning which is the one about the last few weeks. It will make a lot more sense that way. PS. Name the movie the title of this post is from!

2 months! (and 1 week & 4 days)

George McKean (or Porge, as he is affectionately called by his Uncle Taylor) has changed a whole bundle. He is getting too big too fast. He can now hold his head up 100% of the time without help. He can stand with a little bit of help and he giggles all the time. We love it!! No one can get him to giggle as much as Daddy can, with the exception of Uncle Taylor that one time. He has gotten to a point where he is really fun to play with. He will interact with us and look us straight in the eyes and just stare. He seems to be taking a lot in. I am a little behind on his 2 month post because I have been waiting for his 2 months stats from his doctors appointment. Unfortunately, we were in Mexico the week he turned 2 months and then we had to cancel his appointment to stay in AZ for my job interview and yadda, yadda, yadda. I will have stats on Monday after his rescheduled appointment and only 2 weeks late.... By the way, George means farmer so we thought this picture was appropriate:
Compared to this, which was taken during his first week:


As I was saying, Mexico was fantastic! I only drove on the wrong side of the road once... We went deep sea fishing and snorkeling two of the five full days we were there and Glen was an excellent fisherman! I had no idea. We made sure to wear lots of SPF and keep Georgie in the shade. On the first snorkeling adventure, I was stung by a man o' war. This is not a jellyfish as I was so often quick to point out to others and yet made the same mistake on my last post.... It hurt really really bad. But after about four hours, I couldn't feel it anymore. Here are a few pictures:

As for those of you (Kristin) who were confused about the "Three boys" thing, the third boy is Charlie. In the picture in my last post, he is playing the role of "Glen's pillow".

After Mexico, I found out Glen's new job wanted me to interview as well so we had to stay an extra week in Arizona for that. I don't think I will get it. It is a part-time Spanish teaching position. Which would be awesome but I don't have a teaching license and even though they are a charter school, they like all of their teachers to have licenses. We had planned to come home yesterday but Glen got the flu so we stayed one more day. We are finally home!!! HOME!!! In the meantime, George grew out of some of the clothes we had packed for him. But the good news is he fits into the really cute outfits that are good for church. But more on Georgie in the next post.

The last few weeks...

It all started on May 21st when we loaded the car and headed off to Arizona. We had a family vacation to Mexico planned for May 30-June 5th and we decided it would be smart to leave a week early so that we would have a week between the trip from Utah to AZ and the trip from AZ to Mexico. Also, Glen accepted the job in AZ so we figured we could take the time to look at what houses were available. It's amazing the prices some of those houses are listed for. Unfotunately, most of them are shortsales which take forever and sometimes don't work out or end up selling for a lot more than they are listed for. We went out with a realtor on Tuesday and we liked a couple of the houses. One that we thought we liked we saw in the dark because the power was not turned on and it was late. However, it was not a shortsale so we decided to take a look at it in the sunlight the next day and if we liked it, we'd put an offer on it. We ended up really liking it. It is the same layout as my brother's house and only about a mile away from him. We put an offer on it and there were a couple of counter offers but we ended up with a smokin' deal. All that is left is the appraisal and final loan approval. It has four bedrooms and lots of space so there will be room to grow. We plan on living in Arizona for at least five years so Glen can get his Masters. Of course the house is not for sure yet but we are praying hard! Here are a few pictures:

Everything with the house has gone so smoothly, it's hard not to think it is right for us.

Then we went to Mexico on Sunday, May 30th with the whole family. It was so much fun! Last time I was there, Glen and I were dating and this time I was married and had a sweet little baby! A lot changes in 2.5 years! I think I will make a new post for that though....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

A lot has happened since my last post. I will update more later but in the meantime, here is what we have been doing:
George is 2 months old (I don't have stats yet because we have not gone to the doctor...)
We went to Arizona
We put an offer on a house
We went to Mexico
I had a job interview
I drove on the wrong side of the road
I got stung by jellyfish
George slept 8.5 hours last night
and many more!

Here is a pictorial preview:

My Three Boys!