Saturday, June 12, 2010


As I was saying, Mexico was fantastic! I only drove on the wrong side of the road once... We went deep sea fishing and snorkeling two of the five full days we were there and Glen was an excellent fisherman! I had no idea. We made sure to wear lots of SPF and keep Georgie in the shade. On the first snorkeling adventure, I was stung by a man o' war. This is not a jellyfish as I was so often quick to point out to others and yet made the same mistake on my last post.... It hurt really really bad. But after about four hours, I couldn't feel it anymore. Here are a few pictures:

As for those of you (Kristin) who were confused about the "Three boys" thing, the third boy is Charlie. In the picture in my last post, he is playing the role of "Glen's pillow".

After Mexico, I found out Glen's new job wanted me to interview as well so we had to stay an extra week in Arizona for that. I don't think I will get it. It is a part-time Spanish teaching position. Which would be awesome but I don't have a teaching license and even though they are a charter school, they like all of their teachers to have licenses. We had planned to come home yesterday but Glen got the flu so we stayed one more day. We are finally home!!! HOME!!! In the meantime, George grew out of some of the clothes we had packed for him. But the good news is he fits into the really cute outfits that are good for church. But more on Georgie in the next post.

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Kristin said...

ooohhh, there was a dog in that picture? lol. I'll have to look harder.
congrats on the new job and the new house and the uber cute baby! hope you guys love AZ! (I personally hate the desert, but Vegas is a bit different than AZ)
PS. did you pee on your man o war sting? that helps you know...