Tuesday, May 25, 2010


On Sunday, Glen and I celebrated our second anniversary! We spent most of the day Saturday clothes shopping. The traditional gift theme for second anniversaries is cotton and since I just had a baby and Glen is starting a new job, we felt clothes shopping would be appropriate. Instead of boring you with details of the last two years, I thought I would just post pictures. I have had so much fun and I can't wait for eternity!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


That's what he'll do when he's older...

Friday, May 14, 2010

6 Weeks

Yesterday George hit six weeks. And last night was the first time he slept 7 hours straight! We have come close before. He will usually sleep 4-6 hours. 7 was just awesome because the sun was coming up by the time he woke up! I loved it! I hope it continues. We are finally able to put 0-3 month onesies on him without him looking ridiculous. The one he is wearing in this picture is 0-3 months. Of course, the Gerber onesies are sized differently and he has been out of the newborn ones for quite sometime. But the cute, colorful onesies are bigger and so this is his first real 0-3 outfit. I think he looks dashing. Last night he attended his first band concert. He has been to several other performances but this was the first band experience. It was the middle school so I was afraid he would be less than pleased but he enjoyed it thoroughly. I know because he slept through the whole thing. We love you George!!

George enjoying the concert

By the way, George had to suffer through an 8-hour car ride to Arizona and 8 hours back. He was a champ! He slept most of the time and we only made one or two special stops just for him. It didn't take us any more time than it usually does which was a miracle in my book.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

George's Blessing

George was blessed by his daddy on May 2nd. It was a busy weekend because Daddy had just graduated the day before. Glen's sisters and dad were able to come and be a part of the festivities along with my parents and Caitie, my sister, and Dayton, my brother, and their families. Glen's sister Marie made Georgie a beautiful crocheted blanket and booties to go with his outift. George got to meet his cousins on Glen's side as well as his little cousin Gus who is just 3 weeks older than him. Gus is Dayton's youngest. It was such a nice blessing and I know it will prove to be a great help to little Georgie throughout his life. Thank you Glen for being worthy to give our son a name and a blessing and thanks to all who came and all who helped with the reception afterward!

Mother's Day

Unfortunately, my first Mother's Day was a little overshadowed by Nana's passing. This was completely okay with me. But the good part about it is all of my mom's kids were able to come to the funeral and were with her on Mother's Day. My mom deserves the best! She is so wonderful! She supports us in all that we do. She never forced me to do anything I didn't want to when I was a kid, such as ballet, teeball, softball., etc. I would promise to take something seriously and after a month or two, I would get sick of it and want to quit. She tried to pursuade me to stick to it, but never forced me to stay. I love my mommy and she will always be my mommy no matter how old I get or mature I seem to be... She was a single mom for quite some time and did not receive the child support she was due but she somehow still had dinner on the table and a smile on her face. She makes me feel loved and wanted when I am feeling it the least. When most mormon moms are planning weddings, she was helping me plan for a mission. And although she was praying for a stateside mission, she faithfully sent me off to a foreign country far away from her. Not only did she write me every week, after 18 months, she packed up her things and came down to pick me up with my Dad. She trekked around the backcountry and endured several catcalls and bravely ate anything we gave her without telling her what it was :).We planned my wedding together and she let me choose most everything and told me it would be taken care of. I guess that is more a tribute to my patient father, but it was still awesome and she made me feel like it was no big deal. She came and helped with everything around the house for a week before George was born and a week and a half after he graced us with his presence. She never tried to force any ideas on me, and let me have my pipedreams as to how I was going to raise the perfect child (which I still have, by the way). She is my best friend and I love her now more than ever. Thank you, Mom, for all you have and will do for me and my little family!

On a fun sidenote, as I was looking for pictures, I found this little gem:

This is me greeting Glen at the airport when I got home from Argentina....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kay Jean Allen

Late last night, my wonderful Nana, Kay Jean, passed away. She is my father's mother. It was not something anyone was prepared for, except maybe Nana herself. She was doing quite well but fell and broke her hip on Sunday night. She was rushed to the hospital where they took her off of her blood thinning medication to prep her for surgery. Unfortunately, this caused her to have a stroke. The stroke caused bleeding and swelling in her brain and she passed away peacefully surrounded by family after a little over a day of this.

Kay Jean was and is an exceptional woman. She was classy and elegant. While sweet and spiritual, she could also pull out a one-liner like you wouldn't believe. She would say the funniest things about sex, and what made it funnier was seeing my dad's face. She never failed to give me a smile and hug when I saw her. I had lost both of my grandma's by the time my mom married my dad so it was with great joy that I accepted Kay Jean as my Nana. She raised seven children of her own and adopted another, Ronnie, when Ronnie was close to adulthood. She had 80 great-grandchildren (George is number 80). She has a very loving relationship with my granddad and it was hilarious to see them interact. Oh, how patient she was with him! She never had a negative thing to say about the choices I made. She always made me feel special and more importantly, loved. She accepted my rowdy brothers and laughed at their inappropriate jokes. She served many missions with my Granddad and, of course, loved the people she served. She never turned down a game of hand and foot and always claimed to have won the last game she played. The saddest part for me is that George will grow up having never met his wonderful Nana Kay.

She had been in pain for many years. Her first pain free days were in the hospital on pain management drugs. We are glad she is now pain free and happy in Spirit Paradise. She is probably over talking to those who didn't have the chance to know the Gospel in this life, helping them to develop a love of the Truth.

Thank you Nana for the wonderful example that you were. We love and miss you!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vote 4 George!

Go here: http://0-3potw.blogspot.com/ and vote for the cutest baby pic, which, in my opinion is George of course!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

One month

My sweet boy is one-month old today! He is getting so cute and makes the cutest faces. I have a much better video of him smiling so I thought I would attach it here even though I already posted one. Try not to cry when you see how cute he is. I don't know his stats since he hasn't been to the doctor in a while. But he is getting older and cuter. He has the same sleep schedule as always. I hope he starts to sleep through the night within the next few weeks. Today he got to go to Dad's graduation and he was so good! He slept through the whole thing. He also got to meet a lot of his cousins and a few aunts on Glen's side. Tomorrow is his blessing and he will get to meet a few cousins on my side. Including little Gus who is only 3 weeks older than him. We can't wait! I also can't wait for the homemade cheesecakes Glen has been working on.... Mmmmm....

Glen Graduated!!!

My amazing husband graduated from SUU today! He was the outstanding graduate for the music department so he got to play the piano as part of the festivities. He did a great job! He played this duet with his organ professor, Dr. Gliadkovsky. Here is a video of his piece.