Friday, May 14, 2010

6 Weeks

Yesterday George hit six weeks. And last night was the first time he slept 7 hours straight! We have come close before. He will usually sleep 4-6 hours. 7 was just awesome because the sun was coming up by the time he woke up! I loved it! I hope it continues. We are finally able to put 0-3 month onesies on him without him looking ridiculous. The one he is wearing in this picture is 0-3 months. Of course, the Gerber onesies are sized differently and he has been out of the newborn ones for quite sometime. But the cute, colorful onesies are bigger and so this is his first real 0-3 outfit. I think he looks dashing. Last night he attended his first band concert. He has been to several other performances but this was the first band experience. It was the middle school so I was afraid he would be less than pleased but he enjoyed it thoroughly. I know because he slept through the whole thing. We love you George!!

George enjoying the concert

By the way, George had to suffer through an 8-hour car ride to Arizona and 8 hours back. He was a champ! He slept most of the time and we only made one or two special stops just for him. It didn't take us any more time than it usually does which was a miracle in my book.


Mary said...

I'm glad you guys are doing so well! Yay for more sleep!

Cindy said...

Nice! 6 weeks seemed to always be the magic age for my children too. It's so nice when you can start feeling like a real person again.
I hope he continues to like the car. That's one we never had any luck with.
Cute pictures!

Kristin said...

Yeah, enjoy that while it lasts, pretty soon it's
When are we going to get there?
I have to pee! AGAIN!
She's touching me!
Are we there yet?
I'm hungry!
I'm thirsty!
I have to pee!
ad nauseum. I pretty much hate to go anywhere.

Dayton and Candice said...

George I love you but really.....sleeping like a champ're bumming me out!okay not really but since your mom is sleeping so great maybe I should shave here head in her sleep... Just kidding...MaYbE :) Miss you but yes the countdown is here, I can't wait!!!!!

Dan/Kealy said...

He is sooo cute!