Friday, August 28, 2009


Got a haircut!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Family Feud

Twenty-six years ago, my dad and his brothers and mom were on Family Feud with Richard Dawson. My mom saw an advertisement that said that the interviewer people were coming to Arizona. So she called them up and told them about my dad having been on the show before and that she had the video and everything and they could do a "Then and Now" type deal and they said they wanted to interview them. So, my dad, three of his brothers and his mom went to the interview and they were picked! They are flying them all out on August 31 and the taping is Sept 1 and 2. My mom said I could go so I hope I get to. Since I am not in school now, I have a lot more time to go places, it's just hard to go without Glen. But a trip to California would not be a chore. Maybe Dad will win enough money so I can quit my job and go to school... He probably wouldn't use it for that... Oh well. Good luck, Daddy!

The Heartbeat!

On August 13, 2009, Glen and I headed back to the doctor's office for our second visit. Dr. Allen slathered on the jelly and looked for a baby. He felt it was necessary to show me my bladder. I couldn't really see anything so I didn't care. Then we saw it... kinda. We saw the blob in a bigger blob. Then he turned on the sound and there it was: a little heartbeat! It was amazing! I got a little teary but luckily the lights were out so no one noticed. Dr. Allen thought he could get a better picture with a transvaginal ultrasound. It wasn't any better. But I did get to hear the heartbeat again. Then he did the tummy ultrasound again, yay! I was measuring a week behind where I thought I should be but he didn't change the due date and he won't until the next ultrasound. I am scheduled to go back on September 4, however, he told me to come back in 4 weeks and that would only be 3 weeks. The lady at the clinic counted the day I was there as one and counted 3 more to get to four weeks. So, I might call to reschedule, I might not.... I will be at almost 11 weeks by then and I don't think I could get an NT scan by then and I don't want to wait another 4 weeks for the NT scan. Mom came to visit on Sunday and we told her about the baby. She cried and was really excited. The way we did it was pretty awesome. Glen had been working on a mission scrapbook and I told him to make a page with us and the ultrasound at the end and we could show mom the scrapbook and she would get to the last page and figure it out. Well, she got to the last page where there was a wedding picture of us and stickers that said, "Mother to be" and "Father to be". She said that her first thought was that I was going to freak Glen out and he would leave me if I kept pushing this baby business. Then she saw the ultrasound photo and she said, "What?! What is this?! No! Really?!" Then the tears came. It was awesome. We had told Dad over the phone right before we told mom. He wasn't as excited but now that he knows he wants to tell everyone and he's not allowed to since we aren't ready for everyone to know yet. He called my mom and asked who he could tell and she said no one. So he said, "When you say 'no one' do you mean like no one at all?" Maybe we shouldn't have told him yet. Just kidding. I know he will respect our wishes.... Right, Dad?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Family Reunion

Glen's Family at our reception

This past weekend we took the trek up to Utah County for the Hicks' first annual family reunion. Of course I forgot my camera and no one else took pictures so I have no photographic evidence. We met at Glen's dad's farm and grabbed some KFC and took it up to Hobble Creek Canyon. We pulled up to Kelly's Church which is a rather large pavilion you are supposed to reserve and pay for. There was a man there with a truck and we asked if he was using it and he said no and left. So we got to use the pavilion for free and no one asked us any questions. All of Glen's siblings, except for Meisha who lives in a home, were there. It was the first gathering of just the kids and Glen's dad. It was really fun. The grandkids were there, too. We ate lunch and then sat around and caught up on each others' lives. The kids were expressly told not to get wet in the creek but putting their feet in turned into their legs which turned into their whole bodies as they "fell" in. It reminded me of my childhood. I love creeks! We took Charlie and he loved it, too. After the reunion, Glen and I went to Dayton's house. When we knocked on the door he thought we were Candice and that she had locked herself out and since he had just woken up from a nap, he started swearing at us. It was pretty funny. They wanted us to come over to visit before we left and yet when we got there everyone in the house was asleep. But they woke up for us. Candice is pregnant which is fun and she is due on Caitie's birthday. We all hope it is a girl but I think we all know it is another boy, which would be fine because my nephews are the cutest!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Glen's Birthday

Okay, so, I had been planning a surprise birthday for Glen for the past few weeks. I had him convinced, yet again, that I had nothing planned and that I was a terrible wife. However, I invited everyone I could think of. Not everyone could make it but they all had good excuses. Okay, some weren't so great, but things come up. At least Bryce, Jessica, Roy and Taylor were able to drive down for the party even though they could only stay for an hour or two and then drive back. That means 400 miles for 2 hours of fun. Now that's love. Anyway, so I had to sneak around a lot because I rarely if ever leave the house without Glen if he is home. Which meant some fibbing on my part. Sometimes I just told him it was none of his business where I was going. Of course I was kidding and we laughed about it, but at least I didn't have to tell him that I was on my way to the city parks office to put a reserve on the pavillion at the park. The morning of I snuck out of the house to run to the grocery store to snag everything I would need for the party. When I got home, I expected Glen to still be asleep and I would be able to sneak everything in the house. However, he was outside walking the dog. Why does he have to be so responsible? Anyway, I told him I went to the store to buy food to make him lunch. Not a complete lie. I took him to get our favorite breakfast item, breakfast burritos from the deli down the street. So much for my diet!
Then, after a few hours of trying to figure out what I was going to do to get Glen out of the house so that I could start making food, I realized one of his presents was new organ music. So I gave that to him and told him to go to the church and practice for an hour or so while I made lunch. As soon as he left, I grabbed all the food and headed over to Cindy's house, who previously had mercifully offered to help with anything. So, I dropped off the meat, black beans and seasonings (for taco salad) and told her I forgot the piñata and that I would be right back. By the time I got back, Cindy had already made the food. I felt really bad but it was a relief. She then helped me get all of the drinks into HER ice chest and fill the piñata with candy. Then I headed over to the park where Bryce and Jessica were waiting. I dropped everything off, including the stinky dog, and headed off to get Glen. Since not everyone was there yet, I decided to take my time. Then I realized I didn't have candles for Glen's cake (lemon jello cake with lime jello, lemon pudding and cool whip, his special request) or anything to break the piñata with. So I ran back to the store (3rd time) and grabbed candles and a lighter and a bat. While there I ran into Roy and Taylor. Luckily they made it to the park before we did. I drove back to get Glen. Per Cindy's joking suggestion, I told Glen that lunch didn't work out and that I would be taking him out somewhere. Well, Glen is too curious about cooking and wouldn't stop asking what happened exactly and whether or not everything was ruined or if there was anything palatable left. I just kept giggling. Then I headed to the park and he figured out where we were going but he still didn't know who would be there. We walked over to the pavilion and everyone said "Surprise" which only scared Aimee and Robbie's son Taite into a crying fit and he was never the same until they left 20 minutes later. I was sad for him because he is usually so happy but I think it was nap time. Kristin Mabb was also there and brought her daughter Emily who also needed a nap and they left early. Of course Cindy was there and she brought Ben and Weston. Then there was the group who traveled from Springville. I think that was everyone. Anyway, it was really fun and everyone was a good sport for coming and not letting anything slip to Glen. (Pictures to come)