Sunday, August 9, 2009

Family Reunion

Glen's Family at our reception

This past weekend we took the trek up to Utah County for the Hicks' first annual family reunion. Of course I forgot my camera and no one else took pictures so I have no photographic evidence. We met at Glen's dad's farm and grabbed some KFC and took it up to Hobble Creek Canyon. We pulled up to Kelly's Church which is a rather large pavilion you are supposed to reserve and pay for. There was a man there with a truck and we asked if he was using it and he said no and left. So we got to use the pavilion for free and no one asked us any questions. All of Glen's siblings, except for Meisha who lives in a home, were there. It was the first gathering of just the kids and Glen's dad. It was really fun. The grandkids were there, too. We ate lunch and then sat around and caught up on each others' lives. The kids were expressly told not to get wet in the creek but putting their feet in turned into their legs which turned into their whole bodies as they "fell" in. It reminded me of my childhood. I love creeks! We took Charlie and he loved it, too. After the reunion, Glen and I went to Dayton's house. When we knocked on the door he thought we were Candice and that she had locked herself out and since he had just woken up from a nap, he started swearing at us. It was pretty funny. They wanted us to come over to visit before we left and yet when we got there everyone in the house was asleep. But they woke up for us. Candice is pregnant which is fun and she is due on Caitie's birthday. We all hope it is a girl but I think we all know it is another boy, which would be fine because my nephews are the cutest!

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