Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mexico 2013

Mexico was fabulous as always! Everyone always says Mexico is so scary but it really is not. You just have to know where to go and what to do. And being with someone who speaks the language or speaking the language yourself is a huge plus as well. We spent five days on the beach with a few of those hours spent on a boat deep sea fishing, snorkeling, eating the fish we caught in amazing tacos and trolling. That is always my favorite day. They take us to a place called the aquarium where the water is relatively shallow and it is protected from wind by mountains on almost all sides. It makes for amazing snorkeling. We always find really interesting creatures. We also came across a HUGE pod of dolphins that we went through a few times and watched them jump all around us. It was so cool! Then we saw a GINORMOUS whale and her calf. So awesome.

I only got sunburnt one day when I fell asleep under the shade and woke up in the sun. Whoops. I was all alone on the beach because my family was asleep, all of the men were on a fishing trip and the girls were out shopping. I always want to go fishing with the boys but usually they get a five person boat and already have it filled to capacity so this year I didn't even mention wanting to go. And I am not one for shopping. So, I laid on the beach by myself and fell asleep. I'm still dealing with the after affects.

George absolutely loved everything. He loved catching blue water crabs early in the morning and white ghost crabs in the evening. He loved fishing and swimming in the ocean. He loved playing on the beach with his cousins and he really loved swimming in the pool. George has been in swimming lessons and he has really taken to it. He can swim pretty far without taking a breath but he does know how to flip over and get one when he needs to. It's pretty amazing how quickly his teacher gets kids from crying in the water to swimming across the pool. This trip he started doing a half smile which is displayed above. It was very interesting to say the least...

Ollie took a while to enjoy himself on the beach. He had some sad experiences but by the last day he loved it. And the drives there and back were mostly uneventful and the kids were mostly well-behaved. I'm so sad we are home already. It really flew by. I can't wait for next time!