Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Temple in Córdoba!

The time has come! President Monson announced today that there will be a temple built in Córdoba, Argentina. I served in Salta, Tucuman, Santiago and Jujuy. The members in Argentina have one temple. It is located in Buenos Aires:

The most the members were able to go was once a year. In Jujuy, the members of the ward I was in have fundraisers so that more members are able to make the trip. It is a trip of 950 miles. When the temple is built in Córdoba, the members will only have to travel about 500 miles. Located at the temple in Buenos Aires is a hostel of sorts. The members share rooms and will do temple work for days at a time with very little breaks. They make the most of their once a year trip. There is a chef there but usually the members take there own food to save money. Hopefully the new temple with have the same accommodations for the members. The last area I served in was in Tucuman. Tucuman is located right next to Córdoba. This is a huge blessing for these people I have grown to love. I can't wait for the dedication and I hope to be there, shouting Hosannas and waving my handkerchief.

Thinking on the great lengths the Argentine members go to to get to the sacred house of Lord, reminds me of how blessed we are to live so close to so many temples. I know that the temple is a place where we can not only do service but we also receive so many blessings and feel so close to our Father in Heaven. I hope to be able to make more time for the Lord and visit the temple more often as we have been instructed by the prophets.

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