Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas and New Year's

Christmas was great! We spent it at my brother Dayton's house. ( We had a really great time. I had the Friday and Monday before Christmas off so we spent the time to finish our shopping. Then I went into work in Murray on Tuesday and got myself caught up on the office gossip. I miss it sometimes. Of course Christmas Eve I didn't have to work so we got ready to go up to Farmington to visit Glen's family. It was so fun! We had a great dinner and then I played the Wii with the kids and then we had our present exchange with Glen's oldest sisters who live farther away. Then we went home and watched a Christmas movie and opened our star present which is always new pajamas. Glen did a great job and the jammies I got him fit, so I felt good about it. Then we went to bed early to await Santa. Christmas day we opened all of our gifts and everything I got was awesome! Glen really knows me. Then we headed over to Glen's dad's house to open presents with his youngest sisters. We took the dog and he had a blast visiting the Hicks' home. He loves being on a farm.

That night we went to Candice's foster mom's house for dinner. It was realy good. Then we went to see "Yes Man" which was pretty dang funny but I don't suggest anyone under 18 see it. But I am a little strict when it comes to kids seeing inappropriate things. Anywho, my parents came on Friday and we got to go to dinner with them and then we exchanged gifts with them. Oh, and they are taking us all to Mexico in May. This used to be a yearly tradition for us but last year we had two weddings and we went to Las Vegas instead to save some green. I can't wait! Glen and I are having a weightloss competition so we can look awesome in our bathing suits. We'll see who has the most self-control. We went sledding with my parents on Saturday which was fun because even my dad went down in the cheap plastic sled and broke several small bones in his body. My mom bruised her tailbone since she has no padding there...

Look how cute we are!

It was really cold!

Dad in a tiny sled

Dad out of a tiny sled

Cameron was happy until he went down on a sled

Dax was unhappy until he went down on a sled

New Year's Eve was uneventful. Glen and I went to dinner and then we watched a movie past midnight. New Year's has never been a very big deal for me. I don't get all the hype. We came home on New Year's Day. I logged on to work on Friday to find out we all had the day off. So that was awesome. I got to take down the Christmas decorations and put the furniture back where it goes. Today we plan to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It is supposed to be over three hours so I hope it's good.

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