Friday, December 11, 2009

Time is Flying!

Although I complain about having to wait nine months for this baby to be in my arms, time is really going by fast. I think that has a lot to do with the holidays and birthdays and end of semesters. Speaking of end of semesters, Glen has finished his last semester as an undergrad! He starts student teaching in January! We have no idea where we will be by the end of May, which makes it really hard to get a nursery ready. I'm pretty sure we won't be in this house at least because we want to buy a house. But this is not why I started this post. I am coming up on 25 weeks. That means 15 (or 16 or 17) weeks left. At this point, I am feeling great! My joints are a little sore and I do get some round ligament pain from time to time but nothing worth complaining about. My new favorite past time is laying on the couch watching my belly jump around. It makes me think this is one strong little baby! And active... He never stops. He might when I am asleep but most of my waking hours are filled with kicks, jabs, rolls and punches. And I absolutely love it! I think it's funny when he kicks my bladder but I still get after him because I don't want to pee my pants. I have gained more weight than I need to my whole pregnancy so I think I'll fast for the next 15 weeks. Just kidding, of course, but it is still hard. I have been overweight all my life and my self-image has never been great so getting heavier is not easy. My doctor assures me I am not a fatty but I am not sure if he was saying that as a doctor or as a man. I think the latter. But that's okay, it still made me feel better. My belly button is still an innie but it is slowing growing out which is fun to watch. We have come up with a few names that shall remain unspoken until he makes his appearance. I have to do the glucose test as soon as I get back from our Christmas "vacation" up north. I am not at all excited about that. We only have to buy for two more people and then Christmas is taken care of. This is something I am excited about. I've never seen so many wrapped presents this soon before Christmas. It feels great! We also finished our neighbor gifts last night and those will be going out today. We bought Christmas cards but we haven't sent them yet. We will need to do that soon. Glen still won't let us do a picture. I think it would be awesome to have matching hideous Christmas sweaters and I could sport a side ponytail. But alas, not this year. Thanksgiving was great! we were in Arizona but to avoid making this post so long that no one reads it (too late) I will end there.


Kristin said...

ah. self image. it's a thing of the past honey. just give up and stop caring. the next 20 years will be so much better that way. sigh.
reading this reminds me of how I felt with Luke. it's so much fun the first go round. everything is so exciting. enjoy every minute and forget about the weight. you may be one of the lucky ones that loses it all when you nurse.
sorry I forgot about you in my tampon rant. that is the single best piece of information you're going to get this pregnancy, I promise, wait till you do 2 weeks on maxi's, you'll be praising my name.

Melissa said...

I totally read the whole post! Just thought I'd let ya know! :) You need to put up some belly pictures...I'm sure you've gotten plenty of requests for that one. Haha. So, just curious, what is the tampon rant about that is mentioned in the previous comment? It sounds like it was a good peice of pregnancy advice...and I can use any advice that comes my way! :)