Monday, April 26, 2010

Ode to Glen

A lot of women say, "I have the best husband ever!" but you know deep down they don't really believe it or they just happened to have a really good day that day. I truly do have the best husband ever. Even when I am upset about something, I know it is my fault and recognize that I still have the best husband ever. He cooks and cleans. He makes sure I always have what I need. Anytime he walks by me sitting on the couch, he asks if there is anything he can get me. Every night I wake up to feed the baby and he does his best to stay awake the whole time. Then, after I feed George, I hand him off to Glen to put him to sleep and I go right back into dreamland. He's talented and cultured. He doesn't do those things that normal husbands do that bug their wives such as: pass gas, leave the toilet seat up, watch sports, have a "guys night", raise his voice, etc. He is perfectly content to spend time with his family. We have the most fun when we are together. He lets me watch my shows even though he hates them. I almost always have control of the remote. He takes care of the dog I forced him to accept upon marrying me. This is especially important since his care has taken a backseat for me since George came to be. He does dishes and changes diapers whenever asked. When I was pregnant, and still today, anytime I said I wanted something (ex. ice cream, bananas, chips, etc) he grabbed the car keys and said he'd be right back. I always stop him because I don't want to spend the money on things like ice cream, but he is still always willing to fulfill any request. Glen was an amazing coach during labor and delivery. He held my hand and breathed with me. He encouraged me. He stayed strong. (until I got the epidural and he had to leave the room for a bit) He is wonderful with George. I love to see the way he looks at his little boy. I can't wait to see their relationship grow and develop.
Glen has truly never yelled at me. I am a mess most of the time and say and do some ridiculous things but Glen doesn't get after me. He just apologizes for whatever it is I think he did. He is a righteous priesthood holder. He has never said a swear word and puts up with my occasional slip. He is extremely passionate about his interests. He spends hours developing his talents. He is good at whatever he pursues. He doesn't just learn to do something or learn about something he masters it. In a time when jobs are scarce, he received a full-time job offer before even graduating. He likes my family most of the time and puts up with their idiosyncrasies. Best of all, my family likes him. Even my opinionated father that rarely admits to liking any of the decisions his children make, has openly admitted his acceptance of Glen. And not only does he accept Glen but he LIKES him.
Also, Glen is cute (I would say sexy but he would just blush), tall and lets me cuddle him whenever I want. Oh, and he smells good. All the time. It's a good life and I don't deserve it. Thank you Glen for all you do! You are the best husband ever! I love you more everyday!


Dayton and Candice said...

So I was on the fence about Glen....But thanks to your awesome post about him I finally think he is good enough for my sweet sister--Don't tell him this cuz' I think he thought i liked him before :) he he he

Kristin said...

Chris used to get up with Luke every feed too. By the time Kate came, he was no help whatsoever. I blame myself. I got soft.

Keep it up Glen, you may win 'hubby of the year' award!

He doesn't fart? Wow. I'm just.... flabbergasted.

Ginger said...

seriously?! no farting i think that is wrong but then again you guys are still newly weds :p

Cindy said...

And I thought my husband was unique for not watching sports or having "guys nights", but I definitely can not boast of him not passing gas. Tell Glen to stop making the other husbands look bad.
Oh, and tell Glen congrats on graduating! He's awesome.