Monday, December 20, 2010

Family Pictures!

A friend of ours from high school is an amazing photographer and as soon as she found out I was pregnant she offered to take George's newborn pictures. I was floored by her offer since she really is amazing. We never did get the chance to do newborn pictures but I pushed my luck by asking if we could do some family pictures while we were in Utah for Thanksgiving and she said yes!! I was so excited! We intruded upon her family on the day after Thanksgiving and spent half an hour in her studio. She worked miracles! She and her husband co-run dc photobooth. You should definitely check them out! Their website is not up right now but you can see their family blog here. I won't be putting many pictures up here until our Christmas cards are out and have arrived. I don't want to ruin the surprise!I told you she is amazing!


Dayton and Candice said...

Oh that George!!! Could he be any cuter?? The answer is negatory!!! These are great!! And since you got my address today Im sure my very own Hicks' family Christmas card is on it's way!!! YAY!!! Just curious..did you color your hair?

robinmaryallen said...

These pictures are so beautiful! She really captures your personalities! If only GEORGE had a personality...oh well, maybe it will develop in time. I love your little family!

Kristin said...

GREAT photos ! You're hair is darker. I like it.