Saturday, May 12, 2012

Family Pictures

I love getting our pictures taken because I think my family is beautiful. I really wanted to get some newborn photos of Ollie because I regretted not getting any done of George.

Little Oliver is now over 3 weeks old. He has surpassed his birth weight and just keeps growing. I have not had to supplement at all this time around which makes me very happy! Breastfeeding is such a cool experience and it really is a special bonding time with my baby. He is a happy baby. He rarely cries. When he does it is because I have waited too long to feed him. I usually have to wake him up during the day to feed him. I just let him sleep at night because I like to sleep at night.

George still can't get enough of him. If he sees me without the baby at anytime, he goes searching for him. He likes to hug but he's a little rough. And he really likes to pat Ollie's back which is fine until he starts patting his head with the same amount of force...

Maternity leave has been a blessing. It is hard not to have the income but it is really nice to be able to leave the house or take a nap at will. I am trying to make sure I spend a lot of time with George so he doesn't get jealous.

 Glen has two weeks left! Well, a week and four days. School's almost out!!


Mary said...

That's so great that breastfeeding is going so well! It really is a miraculous thing, isn't it?

You do have a cute family. :)

Lincoln & Anjane' said...

Um, he is an insanely cute baby!