Wednesday, July 31, 2013


About two weeks ago we had our ten year high school reunion in Springville, Utah. We knew we needed to make a summer Utah trip so we planned it around the reunion. We drove up on a Wednesday which meant I could go into work on Thursday and Friday and meet all of the new people in person. Then Friday night we dropped the boys off at my brother's house and went back to Springville High School. What a fun experience! Many things had changed but just as many had stayed the same. Granted, ten years is not very long but it only seemed like yesterday that we were students there. I loved my high school  experience. I didn't date or go to many boys' choice dances but I loved my friends and enjoyed almost all of my classes. We had a fun luau dinner without kids. Afterwards I was talked into a late movie with my sisters. I'm glad I went but boy was it hard to stay awake; even with Man of Steel's hot bod flashing across the screen. Then Saturday we had a picnic at a popular park in Mapleton where I used to live. Kids were invited to the picnic so our kids were able to play together.
This is my friend Ryan. He and I would have deep conversations about Spongebob Squarepants and his hilarious antics

We stayed at my father-in-law's house which we love to do since there is so much for George to do outside. He loves his Grandpa Hicks!
We like to pretend George is happily singing here but he is actually yelling "NO!" because he didn't want me to take his picture

Saturday after the picnic we loaded up the car with kids and Grandpa and drove up to Ogden to spend time with Aunts and cousins. George and Ollie love their cousins! We went to the Children's museum first which was having a free day sponsored by a city group so that was nice. 

Children's Tree House Museum

Then we headed over to Union Station to see the trains. George and Ollie loved them! 

George with cousins Melanie and Aaron

The whole gang, sans Glen who was taking the photo

We then had dinner at the Cracker Barrel which is a family favorite. We drove home on Sunday and left beautiful Utah for the scorching heat and unusual humidity of Arizona. 

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