Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Finally Get a Brother-in-Law!

This past Sunday was the big day. My little sister Caitie has been dating Nate since March. She met him in a Dating and Courtship institute class (I'm not kidding). Anywho, they have known they were going to get married for some time now, but we have been waiting on a ring. Which looks something like this:

I think... I haven't seen it in person. But the point is, he finally proposed on Sunday and the date is set for November 26. Nate will be my first and only brother-in-law. Caitie is my only sister and Glen has five sisters... I mean, I guess I could count thier husbands... but it's not the same. They will be married in the Mesa, Arizona Temple which means we will be having Thanksgiving in the desert. At least it's cooler in November. It's strange to think Caitie and I will be sharing the same anniversary year since we are four and a half years apart but I guess she is more mature... or maybe she fell in love with a return missionary so she didn't have to wait for him to come home and while waiting, go on a mission herself...

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