Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's Halloween at Our House!!

Glen and I have decided that Halloween can't come soon enough. We have already put up our orange lights and huge pumpkins on the porch. We are planning to do much more but we are trying to be big and not put it up yet. School is going well. I am in two real classes and orchestra. I am not counting orchestra as real because I refuse to pay for it so I am not getting credit for it. But Glen and I are stand partners which is really fun. Glen is also doing well in school. He is taking about a million credits. Glen started the Southern Utah Handbell Choir last Tuesday. I get to play in it! Our callings are turning out to be great blessings. I love the kids in the primary. I learn so much from them and I get a good laugh every Sunday. There is one singer in the sunbeams that likes to sing louder than anyone else, whether he knows the words or not. His name is Elliot and I want to take him home with me. I'd like to take them all home but I know their parents would probably miss them after a few months; and I don't think we could feed them for very long.
The weeds in our yard are taking over everything. I can't get in or out of my car without breaking out in a rash. Apparently I am allergic to our yard. We tried pulling all of the weeds once... but we only did half the yard before the day was over and then I started work and we never finished. My mom has suggested we just buss the tops of the weeds and make a nice bush-looking... thing... That might work. The weeds were so bad we had to shave Charlie because he kept coming inside with sticky weeds stuck to EVERY part of his body. But it's a good thing we didn't put grass in like we'd planned because now we can bring to pass the awesome plans we have for Halloween.

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Cindy said...

I can hear it now "The Hicks' have lights on their house, how come we can't put lights on our house?"
Can't wait to see the rest!