Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Now that I have a cd of pictures, I can write about them. Last month we had the Utah Mass Ring up in Murray. It is where all of the handbell choirs in Utah get together and play. It was really fun and our whole choir made it up there which was a big feat since we were the newest choir and we were the choir that lived the furthest away from Murray.
We also spent some time with my family in Las Vegas for Spring Break. It was a nice break and we were able to buy new clothes not from Wal-Mart and go out to really good restaurants. It's nice to get out of Cedar sometimes.
We had a great Easter. We woke up to baskets from the Easter Bunny. Then we went to church and were spiritually fulfilled in Primary. After church I took a nap... and then we colored eggs. Next, Glen made his famous potatoes to take to our friend's house for dinner. It was all good food and we had an Easter egg hunt to boot. Then last Saturday I got to help with the Primary Activity Day where we had a really fun egg hunt with all of the kids. They had a fun time trying to find the special eggs which ended up only having rocks inside. Good times!
On a side note I had a layoff scare. Independence University decided to restructure and get rid of my position. We all had to re-apply and have interviews and the whole bit. I thought since I am the only one that works 100% of the time from home, and I have a crazy schedule because of the whole 18 credits at SUU, I would be easy to let go. However, they decided they couldn't get along without me and they rehired me. I am doing the exact same thing only I have a new title. Oh, and my spanish professor asked me to be his grader for next year which will be a little added income and when I say little, I'm pretty sure I mean little. But it will be good to put on my resume for grad school or when I go to teach. I went to talk to another professor about an unrelated matter and she realized I am a very busy person with school and work and was about to ask if I wanted to be her grader when she found out my other professor had already asked. I told her I could do it for both of them but we both decided that would probably not be a good idea. I am going to be even more busy next year than I was this semester. At least it makes time go by faster.
Next semester is Glen's last before he starts student teaching. It's going to be so great when we are both graduated! I never thought it would be possible for me to graduate but my job is so wonderful and flexible that I can work and go to school. I am so very blessed and I know the promises of the law of tithing have been fulfilled tenfold at our house and we couldn't be more grateful. Life is great!

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Cindy said...

Isn't it wonderful how everything just falls into place when you're living right? You two are very deserving all those great blessings. I'm glad everything is working out for you.