Friday, April 17, 2009

A Promise is a Promise

So awhile back, I promised to post wedding pictures of Caitie and Nate as soon as I got some. Well, she has yet to post the majority and what I have here are selected from the few (and when I say few I mean the literal sense of the word, like 3) that are posted on Facebook.

Isn't she beautiful? Now, I know what you are thinking and no, she is not twelve. I hope this is some kind of incentive to get her to post more pictures since they have been married for almost five months.

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Stephalumpagus said...

Hey I didn't know you guys had a blog either! I've had one for several years now but I haven't posted very often in the last year. Kind of scattered. Anyway, I hope you guys are doing well. You should totally move back to Provo so we can have a few more bell ringers. I was stuck on the bass table by myself this season. But I rock, so you know, it was all right. :)