Thursday, October 15, 2009

Are We There Yet?

So, tomorrow we are headed to good ol' California for what some might call a "babymoon". In reality it is just an excuse to go to Disneyland! We have invited my mom and Glen's little sister Marianne to accompany us. We are so excited! This will be the last time I can go to Disneyland without worrying about kids, either because we left them home or because I'm afraid they are going to get lost in the park. We are staying outside of Anaheim which is not our favorite but we got a smokin' deal on the hotel that we couldn't pass up. It will only be a ten minute drive from the hotel to the park. I am having an internal struggle, however. I have read and heard conflicting views on pregnant women and rides at Disneyland. The whole reason I wanted to go at this time was because I wouldn't be showing and Space Mountain is now haunted for the Halloween season and I want to see it.
When I told my mission companion about going she said to make sure my doctor knew about it. So, on Friday of last week at our appointment, I said, "Dr Allen, (again no relation) we're going to Disneyland next week." He replied, "Have fun!" and that is what I intend to do. However, There are seven rides at Disneyland, a couple I don't care about, that say, "Expectant Mothers should not ride." Some people say this is to cover their butts and others say it is more for the mothers' comfort than anything else and still others, (the glass half-empty people) tell me I am sure to cause a miscarriage if I ride any roller coaster. I would understand the latter if this were a high-risk pregnancy or if I had experienced any sort of issues, like spotting, cramps, etc. but this pregnancy has been nothing but easy. No problems of any kind. My doctor is not concerned and it seems he would at least say, "Just steer clear of Indiana Jones (fat chance) and Space Mountain (um... whole reason I'm going)," if it were going to be a problem. The baby is floating around in amniotic fluid surrounded by my squishy organs and layers upon layers of adipose tissue (cute word for fat). I don't even think s/he knows when I am moving around and when I am laying on the couch. I mean if a roller coaster is going to cause damage than so is driving, riding a bike, sexing, jumping jacks, running and so many other things that women do when they are pregnant. Okay, maybe not jumping jacks, but you get it.
I might not ride some rides like California Screamin' since, although it is the best roller coaster ever made, I don't feel as nostalgic when I ride it. I will definitely not ride the Maliboomer, one because Glen doesn't like it and two because, again, without the theme and the singing, it really doesn't bring back memories. The only nostagicky rides that I will probably not ride are Star Tours (not Glen's favorite and all that rocking might make me hurl) and Tower of Tower, which makes me sad even to write. I love that ride but I think the free fall might be a bit much.
However, I will see how I feel by then. The Holy Ghost might whisper, "Chelsea, those killjoys were right, stay off Space Mountain." In which case I will wait at the exit to the ride, after going to the bathroom I'm sure, and sob silently to myself. But I don't see how Indiana Jones could be a problem since it's just like driving in a car on a bumpy road. But I digress. The point is, I am going to Disneyland to spend time with Glen, my mom and Marianne. I can't wait! And I get to take two days off of work which means next week will only be 3 days long!
We find out on November 2 what we are having. Let me rephrase that, we go to the hospital for the big ultrasound on November 2nd and hopefully the baby cooperates and flaunts her/his stuff so we can know what we are having. We are not sure if we will be sharing the news with others yet so I think it would be unfair to have a poll at this point. It's fun to have little secrets between ourselves like names and sex of the baby. We will share eventually. At least for the shower since I want clothes. Most people don't register for clothes but they are so freakin' cute. I mean, look at these:


Dayton and Candice said...

You better be joking about not telling us what you are having!!! I'm serious I have to know! I am in the cicle of the trusted!!!

casey & emily said...

You are pregnant?!?! Congrats!! I am so happy for you two! You will be such great parents!