Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On the Move

For the past week I have been feeling the baby moving around. This is so far my favorite part. Sometimes s/he goes a little crazy in there. It's fun to try and picture exactly what is happening. Luckily the kicks and jabs are still little and don't hurt me at all and I have been kicked in the bladder yet so no peeing my pants. I'm especially proud of that. Glen still hasn't been brave enough to sit with his hand on my belly and wait for that loving punch but he'll come around; probably when I have a big protruding belly. It looks like the poll is pretty close at this point. I haven't voted because I refuse to be wrong so if I don't make a choice I can't be wrong. Here are some old wives' tales to help anyone who is on the fence: I am craving salty foods, not sweet. My acne is atrocious. I only puked once and I was not unbearably nauseous. Glen seems to be keeping his weight at bay. The baby, while it's still early, is low. My hair is falling out but growing fast along with my nails. My feet are cold all the time but that could be the snow. The baby's heart rate is above 140. The Chinese gender chart says it's a boy. So, which ever of those OWTs you choose to believe should help you make a more "educated" guess.


lynzpaige said...

Don't feel bad about guessing wrong. I didn't have an ultrasound with either of my kids. With the first I was pretty sure it was a girl and it was. With my second I was positive it was another girl. I was shocked when he came out a boy. I still kinda feel bad about it, but am so glad he's a boy!

Cindy said...

Hmmm...can I change my vote?

Glen and Chelsea said...

I just have a thing about being wrong. I do have a feeling of what gender the baby is but I refuse to say it out loud 'cause then I will be wrong to other people. See? It makes sense. I will be right no matter what it is if I never say it out loud. Ta-dah!