Sunday, March 21, 2010

Birth Plan

I have one week left. Well, until my due date. I could potentially have another three weeks. I thought I would share my plans. I know they could all go out the window, but I thought some people might be interested. The first plan is to go into labor on my own. I don't want to be induced. The main purpose of this is because I know that induced labor causes more severe, more painful contractions. Second, I don't want any pain medication; especially an epidural. This part of the plan surprises me more than it should anyone else. Before I got married, I wanted to have all c-sections like my mom and be almost knocked out. When we started talking about having a baby, I started to think about hospital costs. I thought I should do a vaginal birth and try not to use meds. This turned into more than a financial issue. It is now something I really, really want. I want to experience every part of the process. I want to feel everything and I want to be completely aware of what is going on. I have been reading books and going to classes and preparing myself for this. I can't wait to see how I handle it all. I have not ruled out all meds. I know there are a lot of other options besides an epidural. They have drugs to take the edge off if it gets too intense. I want to try to go without but I know I can't control everything. I don't want the doctor to break my water as this can lead to a c-section if I don't progress fast enough. Most of the other parts of a normal birth plan I don't really need to think about because the hospital does it how I want them to. The only people besides the medical staff that will be in the room are Glen and my mom. With all of this in mind, I have been preparing myself mentally just in case I need an epidural or a c-section. I will not be completely disappointed and I know I will have more kids and a VBAC is an option if it comes to that.

Okay, as an update, the Braxton Hicks contractions are coming more and more. I hope they are actually doing something. Little boy is moving like crazy but there was one day last week when he scared me half to death by not moving for a few hours. He was really sluggish all day. But he is back to normal now. I go to the doctor for my last appointment before my due date. I'm sure we will talk about when we will do an induction if it comes to that. Which I hope it does not.... My mom is coming Thursday unless the doc says I am dialated to a 3 or 4 or something tomorrow which he probably will not. Our nursery is ready enough... It's cleaned out as much as it can be for now. It gives me a happy feeling to be in there. We have the crib ready and a bookcase with all of his books and blankets. The bassinet is in the bedroom. Glen fixed the vacuum so I don't have to worry about what we are all inhaling every day... We're ready as soon as he is... Whenever that will be. Come on little man!

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Genevieve and Ryan Davis said...

Good luck Chelsea, I hope everything goes smoothly when the little guy gets here!