Sunday, March 7, 2010


Oh no.... Well, if he comes between now and March 28th I will be one happy camper. But since we all know first babies usually come late and boys usually come late, I will probably not be having this baby until April. But I can hope. I refuse to take castor oil so don't even suggest it. Anyway, I am still quite comfortable except when I try to sleep. Or when I get up after having laid down for more than five minutes. I am having quite a few Braxton Hicks (not the baby's name) contractions but as of last Monday, I have not made any progress. I have another appointment tomorrow and I will find out if anything has changed. I love being pregnant! I love feeling my baby move around and wondering what he will be like. I'm so excited to see how I react in labor. I love that I don't know when it will happen. I don't usually let myself have very many surprises so this will be a great one for me. I can't wait! My sister-in-law is due on the fifteenth and her doctor offered to induce her tomorrow. I'm pretty sure she turned it down. This is her third so he will probably come soon. I am pretty excited to get that text from them!
Un-baby related, Glen conducted in his first band concerts this past week at the middle school. It was great! The bands there are way more advanced than the bands we had in middle school! He only has three more weeks of student teaching, so in a way it would be nice if the baby waited until he was finished, but I am too excited to meet him! Below is the latest bump picture. I didn't feel like wearing the same dress so it is not as accurate, but I don't really care...


Genevieve and Ryan Davis said...

Juliet (my first) came one month early, so you never know!! Be prepared for anything! So excited for you guys!!

Kristin said...

ooooo! can't wait! don't let them induce you, it'll go much better if you go into labor on your own.
you look adorable too, and I've enjoyed the assorted veggies/fruits comparisons. :) Good luck guys!