Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our Story

With our all-important third anniversary quickly approaching, I have been compelled to ponder on the relationship(s) I have had with my wonderful Glen. I thought it important to start putting down in words the journey that led him and me to the altar (although it sounds terribly wrong, I assure you, that grammar is correct. It was difficult to type even but I went over it time and again and I'm leaving it!).

Our acquaintanceship began in middle school. I owe it all to my dear friend Kiri. She had been at the same birthday party I was invited to and we found out we both played the cello and were in the same orchestra. Okay, to be fair, I think she knew all of that but I am a little dense and it was the first I had heard (there were only, like, eight cellists). Anyway, Kiri and I became fast friends and she introduced me to a quiet boy named Glen. Much to my surprise, he also played the cello in the same orchestra (maybe I was too self-absorbed to notice anyone else? I really don't know). We didn't do much outside of school. I mostly remember getting together at lunch and sharing a bag of skittles between four or five of us. In Junior High, Kiri and I became closer friends and Glen was always there, it seemed. We added Bobbi to the mix as well. I was too busy crushing on... another boy to really notice that Glen had a Y chromosome. He was just one of us, ya know?
Anyway, high school brought more friends but none as close as Kiri and Bobbi, oh and Glen. He was always there. When I remember stories from high school, I tell them to Glen excitedly like it's something he's never heard before and it usually ends with him saying, "I know, I was there." I honestly do not remember him being there for most of it. As Sophomores we were pretty awesome. None of us could drive. Kiri turned 16 in September but refused to drive, I turned 16 in November and failed the driving test... twice. Bobbi didn't turn 16 until March and Glen was 15 until the following August. So, we mostly hung out at school.
Next Time: The Indispensable Trip to DisneylandBeautiful Kiri on her wedding day. Bobbi is on the right.

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