Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Okay, so overall, Utah was awesome! The weather was absolutely perfect. It even rained a couple of times which was a nice change from home. We were able to visit our families and friends that we never get to see. George was able to play with his cousins on both sides and spend time with his Grandpa Wayne. His most favorite part was playing on the riding lawn mower. I have a lot of pictures but they are all in that black hole of a camera that I have. I will take it over to my mom's one day and download them. We went to Lagoon with Glen's little sister Marianne. It was the most awesome! George rode a couple of rides by himself but did better on rides we could be on together. On the haunted houses, he would bury his face in my side and whimper. I thought he was too young to even realize what was going on but he was definitely scared. It was kind of cute. About a week into the trip, I starting getting ichy,red bumps on my body. I thought it was just a bad reaction to some mosquito bites. I went to the doctor and was told it was an allergic reaction to something but not bites. Then I realized it was hives. I have no idea why. I had to take steroids and I am still on them to keep the hives away (I thought they would go away as soon as I got home but according to my mom, whatever it is will probably be in my system for a week). Oh well.
So remember this post? Well, I started the Bachelor of General Studies program in October of last year. It took some time getting through the first course because of some confusion with the final exam since I originally enrolled at BYU under Chelsea Allen and they still had me with that name... Anyway, I am currently working on my psychology of gender course. It is course number five of eleven. It's interesting trying to squeeze my courses into the rest of my life. Also, making sure we have the money for it. That part is probably the hardest. For this reason, I took a couple of months off. But I have started again. Just today in fact. Here's hoping I finish before George starts preschool!

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