Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today is Glen's birthday! He is now as old as me. But not for long! He spent the better part of the day in training in Maricopa. If you know anything about Arizona, you know that Maricopa is in the middle of no where. It is over an hour from our house. So he left here at 6:30 am and got home around 5:00 pm. Then we dropped the rotten off at Grandma's and went out to dinner. My family came over after and we had cake and ice cream. He requested "Better than Church Cake". This is more commonly known as "Better than Sex Cake" but Glen's a prude; at least in public.

Glen is a wonderful husband and adoring father. I watch Glen with George and I see everything I should be as a mom. They are best friends! When Glen left for work this morning, George would not let him put him down. He would just start screaming every time. But, he left anyway, with me holding a screaming baby. Luckily, George fell asleep shortly thereafter and slept for three hours. Then when Glen got home, George ran to his daddy and anytime I even looked at him, he got mad and waved me away. He is his daddy's boy.

He works really hard at his job, delaying his dream of a Master's and Doctorate while I finish my Bachelor's. He is the reason I am finishing it. I kept saying I didn't really need it and he kept saying I did. He knows how important it is to me even when I don't.

Thanks for everything honey! I love you! Happy Birthday!


robinmaryallen said...

We love you, Glen! You are an inspiration to all of us.

Hiatt Family said...

Cute post!