Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I'm not sure that is a word but it's not underlined in Word so I'm going with it. It refers to the fact that I feel compelled to write something on the blog today but I don't know what about.
Glen started school a few weeks ago and things are going much more smoothly this year than last. He likes the new assistant principle and he is not as strained as last year. The administration is requiring all teachers to have a prep and a normal lunch time. He had neither for the first two weeks of this year.
My schedule at work was changed so I can't work half-days on Friday anymore. I am mostly okay with this as it will make it so that Monday is not so crazy. George is becoming increasingly difficult to have around while I am trying to work. He likes to climb on me and brush my hair and yell really loud. This doesn't work when I have someone on the phone. Luckily, every once in a while, Grandma comes to save the day. Yesterday she picked him up at noon and didn't bring him back until five. It was glorious. I even took a nap. I should have been cleaning the house but the couch was calling my name.George is growing. He is huge and so smart. He says all sorts of fun words like "papa (grandpa)" "mama (the obvious but also grandma)" "ball" "bumbob (spongebob)" "memo (elmo)" "cow" "wa-is-at (what is that)" "dow (very nasily 'no')" "teetee (Uncle Taylor)" "day (cousin Dade)" "tay-a (cousin Tayen)" "peepee" "bubu (bubbles)" "dita (diaper)" "cah (car)" and others. They are starting to actually sound like different words instead of just the same word with different emphasis.He likes to brush his own teeth. I brush them first and then hand over the toothbrush. He actually does really well reaching all of his teeth and he does not give it back very easily. He likes to say prayers and will fold his arms when we ask him to or when we say "amen" or when he sees someone else with their arms folded. He loves to color and eat crayons. We are a month from nursery! He has been before, as I have mentioned, and he loves it!He eats his vegetables first on his plate. He loves broccoli, cucumber and carrots the best.
Hope everyone is doing well out there!

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