Friday, September 2, 2011

Hives Update

I am still getting hives. I had my blood tested for food allergies as well as other things. The good news is I do not have blood cancer and my liver is functioning properly so those are not the causes of the hives. The results for the food allergy test were interesting. I am not allergic to milk. The one thing I thought it was and had started changing my lifestyle for. They rate them on a scale from 1-3 which comes from how much of a reaction there was. Here they are in order of severity from least to most:
And the most severe reaction of them all came from:

So, I'm going to go eat my rice with nothing on it for lunch. What is everyone else having?

But seriously folks, the doctor suggested I stop eating all of these foods for two weeks and then start reintroducing them one by one to see which one is causing the hives. I am able to manage the hives with an antihistamine but she said the reaction could develop into anaphylactic shock and so on. That's alright, I hate french fries and ketchup. And I can't stand strawberries! Ick! Ugh. My life will never be the same without most of these foods. Hopefully it turns out to be one of them and that one is oats or something. Although, I love me some oatmeal cookies. The only one I wouldn't care about is shrimp but I know it's not that because I don't eat it. Are there any on this list you could not live without?


Erin said...

Probably eggs and wheat, since they are in sooo many things! I'm so sorry you're going through this, I hope you figure it out soon!

lynzpaige said...

Oh man, I saw that list thinking, "I love everything on this list!" Maybe I should have my blood tested. I would think that you could still eat them every once in a while, but cut it out if you are an everyday eater kinda thing. I feel for you! Hope its something yucky like the oats!

Hiatt Family said...

That really stinks! Honestly, I eat a lot of most of those things. Good luck!!!

jamirclark said...

Oh my goodness! I don't think I could live and not have oranges. (I basically eat them by the box!) Actually, eggs, and all of those fruits and veggies I could not do without. I have lots of rice if you need it. I'd offer to bring over dinner, and will anytime you need. (I have a rice cooker, so it's easy!) Good luck!

robinmaryallen said...

Cottage cheese and bananas...mmm. It's about the only thing I can eat and still feel good. Oh and ROCKSTARS