Thursday, November 3, 2011

No More Candy!

Halloween was so fun! We had our annual Allen Family Halloween party the Monday before and ate lots of food and candy. Then the ward Trunk-or-Treat was that Friday. George picked up on it right away. He didn't like it when people would put candy in his bucket, though. He just wanted to be handed the candy and then he would put it in his bucket. We figured he didn't know it was all candy but then someone gave him non-candy and he gave it to me. No thanks, Mom!

On the day of Halloween, George's cousins and Aunt Miken came over and picked George up to go to my brother's office for their trick-or-treating. He made a killing and was a hit with the co-workers. He even stole candy from some unsuspecting little girl who only had about two candies because she had just started. He's sneaky.

That night, we went trick-or-treating in a nearby neighborhood. Our neighborhood has a lot of kids but it seemed like last year we only had a handful come by so we went somewhere else with George. The old ladies loved his hair. He would go up to the houses by himself or with the other kids and take care of business himself. No need to wait for mom and dad. Besides, he didn't want mom and dad. If he was going to hold someone's hand it was Uncle Taylor. Which seemed odd since Taylor was dressed as a zombie. But George didn't care. He knew it was just good old Uncle T.T.My tongue is now sore from all the candy. I let George have a piece or two a day. He doesn't seem to mind. Hopefully it will be gone soon...

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