Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Second Time Around

So far this pregnancy has been very similar to the first one. The only difference is I now have a small child kicking, punching and jumping on my belly from the outside instead of just the inside. I swear he knows an annoying younger brother is in there and he's trying to get rid of him. I finally got George to say "baby" instead of "mama" when he sees a baby or small child. We're making progress!
He can also say about 80% of the letters of the alphabet. He doesn't know the song but he will point out the letters in his books, on street signs, in subtitles and anywhere else he sees them. He also knows how to say numbers 2-10. He has a hard time with 1. He also points out numbers where ever he sees them. It's crazy! He's getting too big way too fast. He gives excellent hugs (or "hums" as he calls them) and kisses. He loves to be read stories before bed and he won't start eating his food until it's blessed. He tries saying the prayer on his own but it's just humming with his mouth open. That must be what I sound like when I pray...I love this little boy more every day! I won't lie. There are days I want to give him up to a nice family. Sometimes he will just scream and cry for no reason and he won't stop for 15-20 minutes and I just want to scream. I'm learning patience, that is for sure!


robinmaryallen said...

I love reading this BLOG!! My cute boy...'s.

Carrie said...

Congrats on the new little one!! I LOVE having 2 boys, they are going to be such good friends. I hope you are feeling well.