Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is this week over yet?

I'm so stressed. I really just need to breathe but I can't. Sunday Glen reminded me that I am playing in his concert on Thursday and I haven't even looked at the music. I also realized that my house is no where near ready for people to come stay here. Our friend Theora is coming tomorrow to stay for a couple of nights and then we are leaving for Utah on Saturday and my little sister and her family will be staying in our house. So Sunday night was spent tidying up the kitchen (after Glen's Christmas treat extravaganza on Saturday which lasted until midnight and involved making two kinds of cookies, peanut brittle, chocolate dipped candy canes and peppermint bark) and practicing the cello for the concert. One of the songs is ridiculous.

Then on Monday I continued to clean the rest of the house and do six or so loads of laundry. Glen didn't come home from work because he had to help with the elementary Christmas concerts. I met him at the school to watch the performances since my nephews were singing. Luckily my mom was able to give me a ride and help with George at the concert.

Tuesday I continued laundry and got my bedroom (the worst room of all) ready to be vacuumed. I started vacuuming and then my vacuum broke. Meanwhile, I have been trying to squeeze in as much studying as possible, which isn't a lot. Then we went to the band concerts. Glen's band was awesome! My nephew's band was pretty good, too. It was not easy to keep George under control on my own. This morning I woke up at 2 am to go to the bathroom and couldn't go back to sleep. I was too busy thinking about getting the Relief Society Christmas party ready. I have to go to the store to buy all of the food for it and it is a lot of food.

So, after laying awake for four hours, I decided I would only work a half-day today and then go to the store and buy everything so I don't have to think about it any more. Then I will deliver it all to my magnificent helpers. Tonight I am taking my final exam for Abnormal Psychology. I am not ready for it but I have to take it before we leave for Utah and this is the only free night.

Tomorrow is the dreaded concert. I guess I will be free to practice tonight after my exam since I won't need to study. Also, Theora is flying in and I will need to go pick her up. Friday should be good. My little sister will be here and I can hash out the last minute details for the activity. This activity is going to be awesome. Glen is doing a presentation on Handel's Messiah and playing the organ and Theora will be singing. She is a vocal performance graduate from SUU. Then we will have an awesome lunch. Any way, I need to go to the store!


Cindy said...

I've been out of the blogging world for a while. It's fun catching up on you guys. Congratulation on your pregnancy. Boys are so much fun! I seem to remember you saying something about Glen being afraid to have boys. I'm sure he's a great dad and loving every moment. George sure is a cutie!
Good luck with all you have to do. I know how you feel, but it'll all come together.

Carrie said...

wow, reading that made tension creep up my spine... good luck!!

Unknown said...

I love you forever!

Holly said...

Life just keeps getting busier and busier. We have had something every. single. day as well! Keep the faith my friend!

Bobes said...

Chelsea, you're pregnant and numero dos needs a calm mama--Relax and let thy stress be gone. Love you! Hope your stress calms down a bit.