Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Four days

Oliver went to the doctor yesterday. Like George did, he had lost almost a pound. He was 7 lbs 1 ounce. This is due to my milk taking its sweet time. Now he's eating like a champ but he still hasn't had a normal poopy diaper. Come on, Ollie, poop! He shrunk half an inch... Sometimes I wonder about their measuring methods. They didn't say out loud how big his head was but after the nurse measured him, she said, "He is so tiny!" At which point I said my body was grateful for this. His little head had no problem making its way into the world. He sleeps all the time. I have to wake him up to eat and he falls asleep after about 15 minutes. I hope he is getting some good hind milk in that time. He wakes up twice at night around 2 am and 4 am. Glen only stirs during the 4 am feeding which is good.

George is obsessed. He wants to be sitting and looking at the baby at all times. He also likes to point out each body part; sometimes a little too rigorously. He takes Ollie's binky any time it's in his mouth. He doesn't want it to suck on but he likes to hold it and tease the baby with it. He puts it up to his mouth and then takes it away. Luckily, Grandma is here to take him on errands. I've been home alone with Ollie since about 7 am this morning. It's been awesome. I took a two-hour nap. Of course things will change in the coming weeks but I'm hoping George figures out how to be a little more gentle by then or at least loses interest.

I'm still a little shocked that I already had the baby. The pregnancy went by really fast and the birth wasn't scheduled like it was with George. It also took half as much time for him to get here once labor started. But he is here and I love him!

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