Thursday, September 20, 2012

5 Months!

Oliver is five months-old! He is finally rolling both ways and enjoying every minute of it! I don't know why it takes my kids so long to roll over. I think they just don't see why they would need to until they start really wanting that toy way over there. Lucky for me he is not cutting any teeth yet! George had like four teeth by now and the end of nursing came shortly thereafter. He is a happy jack. George loves him to pieces... literally. I am waiting to find Ollie bits strewn about. He hugs him and kisses him and jumps on him and so on. But he also give him his pacifier when he is sad and pats his back to help him burp or fall asleep.

George has started to dress himself. He has never had the confidence and I just started making him do it on his own. He doesn't like to fail so he gets really frustrated if he can't do it perfectly. He is loving preschool and making some friends. For that I am truly grateful! Thanks Mrs. Brianne!

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