Friday, September 7, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Glen started grad school a few weeks ago and has found out why you only take a two or three courses each semester instead of four or five like he did as an undergrad. He doesn't have many exams but he has lots of papers due. And they are research type papers.... ew. He also will start working on his thesis paper. No thanks. Anywho, while he is in school full-time, he is also a TA for the music history department. Luckily, as Glen found out, the music department doesn't expect a lot from their TAs. They just want to have an opportunity for grad students to get a tuition break and some extra money to entice good students to go there. They would rather they spend the time on their studies. But he does TA for an online course about historic female composers. Interesting stuff.

He is also continuing on with his piano lessons. He currently has 6 students. There is another adult student that wants to start soon and a cello student they may start taking lessons. Also, drumroll please.... Legacy called him and wants him to start teaching orchestra part-time. Now, we entertained the idea of part-time before he quit but they said he would have to work 20 hours a week or something like that which is out of the question. That and they never really gave a clear answer on what they would have available. So, they called him last week and left a message practically begging him to come back. He talked them down to one hour a day, in the morning, before school. The preferred to have him teach either early morning or after school and the Jr. High orchestra during the day, but it just isn't feasible with his schedule. So, he starts next Monday teaching beginning and intermediate orchestra in the mornings, one hour a day.

In addition to all of these new responsibilities he has taken on, he continues to fulfill the original, most important roles. He is a great daddy and gives George a bath every night, reads him a story and prays with him. He gives me attention and makes sure I know he loves me. He talks and giggles with Ollie and makes his little eyes light up. Our Dad is busy!

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