Monday, December 3, 2012

Nothing to say

I haven't really felt compelled to blog lately. I don't know if it's just laziness or what. We had a great Thanksgiving! We spent it with Glen's family up in Utah. We were also able to spend quite a bit of time with my brother and his family. We stayed at my sister's house and she stayed at ours like we did for Christmas last year. It's a shame we never get to spend holidays together but it's nice to have a place to stay and to know our home is being taken care of while we're gone. We had a few family pictures taken by Marie's friend which was fun. They were all around his Dad's farm, the home where Glen grew up. It's a really beautiful place. I love that George can just run around and have fun and I don't have to worry much about him. My sister lives behind the Hicks' farm and he would just run from her house and back to see "Papa" over and over. He loved it!

Utah was beautiful and wasn't even all that cold. I think the coldest day was the last and it got down to like 40 degrees which is not bad at all. I thought we would freeze but we had ample clothing, to be sure. I even packed a snow suit for George. The only snow he got to see was the leftovers from the storm the week before; little piles here and there in gas station parking lots.

My mom and I drove up with the kids on Friday since Glen had to work and go to school through the next Tuesday. I wanted to be in Utah for my MTC roommate's reception Saturday night. I was bummed about spending my birthday on the road, but we still had fun. When we got to the hotel, there were over 20 white roses waiting for me! It was awesome! I later found out that Glen had asked our good friend Bryce Mortimer to deliver them for him. It was such a nice surprise to have there and just shows how thoughtful Glen is. We stayed in a hotel until Mom left on Monday to drive back to Arizona with my sister and the boys and I moved into my sister's house at that time. I was able to go into work on Tuesday in Salt Lake and my boss let me take Ollie. It was really fun to have him there! My wonderful sister-in-law, Marie, watched George until my brother could pick him up later in the morning and take him to his house where he had a fantastic time with his cousins, while we were away. Then we drove up to Ogden to pick up our Daddy from the airport. We had an awesome Thanksgiving dinner at Marcia's house. I love to be with Glen's family! They are so fun and I feel like I fit right in.
Aunt Marie and Ollie

On Friday we did a little shopping and got our pictures taken. We spent a little time with our good friends, the Mortimers, and I got to munch on little Lyam. Man that is one cute baby!

Lyam and Jess Mortimer

We were driving home on Saturday when my mom invited us to Glendale for some fun that night. Since Glendale was only a little bit out of the way, we stopped there on our way home and spent some time with my brother and sister and their families as well as my parents. We were there a good hour before everyone else so we left shortly after they arrived. We finally made it home around 9 pm and I walked in to the most glorious of sights: Glen had put up all of the Christmas decorations, including our beautiful tree, before he left on Tuesday! All-in-all it was a great week! Now it's time for Christmas!

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