Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve Interview

Glen was asking George some questions and I thought his answers were cute. In fact, I was kind of surprised George knew what he was asking:

What is your name: George Hicks
What is your favorite color: pink
What is your favorite food: blue food
What is your favorite show: Wonder Pets
What is your favorite song: Jingle Bells
What is your favorite animal: giraffe
Who's your favorite, Mommy or Daddy: Mommy
What's your favorite toy: doggy
Who's your favorite train: Thomas
What is your favorite book: the Red Book
What is it about: Um... the sing book (?)

Then he got distracted watching Wonder Pets. This kid surprises me everyday with what he understands and the words and phrases he knows. This morning I asked if he wanted to watch a show and he said, "Yeah, I wanna watch a show. You wanna watch a show with me?" How could I resist?

He went to a sitter's house while we went to the movies and I got a text that said, "You have the easiest kid ever! Since you dropped him off, he has been working on fixing our broken train table." I love him so! And Ollie is looking more and more like him and behaving in all the same ways George did as a baby. I'm hoping for another nice boy! Yay for Hicks' traits and genes!