Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Henry Allen

My little Henry Allen was forced into this world on July 23rd. He was due to arrive on July 18th. I waited patiently until the 16th. I tried to not think about a due date this time around. "He'll be here by the end of July." That's what I told people who asked when he was due. But I couldn't get the 16th out of my mind. That day came and went as did the following several days. I had many episodes of false labor. One sent me to triage since it was caused by an infection. That was the worst pain ever considering I knew I would not be getting a baby out of those contractions. I was getting incredibly impatient. I tried everything. I ate a whole pineapple, I walked and walked with my mom until I couldn't move any more, I ate spicy foods, I hung out with Glen a lot, and I was getting contractions all the time. However, I was not progressing really at all when I saw my doctor on July 21st and she said we would do an "outpatient induction" the next day. I was told this meant I would be given gel to start the induction and then sent home. I had Glen come with me to the hospital because he had nothing better to do but I thought I would be there an hour tops. I told my boss I would be right back....
July 22nd, on my way to the hospital

I got to the hospital and they put me in a room and told me to get undressed. I had not brought anything but my husband and my phone. As everything was being explained to me, I soon realized I would be there for at least 12 hours. They had planned to do 3 rounds of the gel and each round took four hours. Oops. I wouldn't be going back to work that day. After the second round, my contractions were really close and at about a 7 on the pain scale. The nurse didn't want to give me another round because the contractions were already on top of each other. I did my best to cope with the pain. I walked and bounced and mostly just kept moving. Eventually the contractions slowed and the word "pitocin" was said and I relented and asked for the anesthesiologist to get ready. Pitocin and I were acquainted with each other and I knew I would need an epidural to cope with it. I was grateful for the nurses and the anesthesiologist who were on my side and told me I could do it without the pain meds but I am also grateful there is such a thing as an epidural these days.

Once I was given the epidural, my body relaxed and the contractions started to get closer. At about 5:15 am on July 23rd it was time to push. I had to wait because my doctor was not there but after two pushes, little Henry was here. He was 9 lbs 1 oz and had a head full of hair.

He looks just like Ollie. I often call him Ollie on accident... He is a sweet boy and an easy baby like the other two. He is still waking a few times a night but it's all part of the job description. I love my boys!

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Anjane' said...

He is adorable!!! It sounds like you are loving Utah so far too. I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures there! :)