Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Two weeks ago we moved to Payson, Utah. We love it here! We have a really tight knit ward. They read our names in the first Sacrament meeting we attended and asked us what the baby's name was over the pulpit and we yelled it from the pews. It was awesome. The day we pulled up with a moving van, six men and their wives stopped by to help unload. That night, dinner was brought to us. The next day, and for the next several days, we received visitors with treats and good long chats. We have only been here for a short time but we have already had so much service rendered. One family watched all three of our boys so Glen and I could go see Les Miserables (you know, that 3-hour + musical production?). Such amazing people here. And the weather can't be beat! We have spent everyday outside doing something. Unfortunately, I started back at work today so I'm stuck inside and the boys won't really stay outside without me. I wish they would.

From our garden!

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