Sunday, February 21, 2010

8 Months

So, month 8. I officially have one month left. Well, a little over a month but still, we are getting close. I am starting to get really excited. I want to meet this little boy so bad. What does he look like? Does he have curly or straight hair? Is it red, blonde, brown? Will his eyes be green or blue? Will he have Glen's nose? My lips? (oh, for his sake, I hope he has Glen's lips...) But I know his little body isn't ready for the outside world yet. Lots of people have asked us about names. We have a couple picked out and for various reasons we are not sharing them with others. We want to decide for sure when we see his little face and how active he is. Just know that you will be able to spell it and pronounce it. It will not be made up, strange or a mixture of our names, such as Glensea or Chen. Just trust us. Okay, as promised another bump picture: 35 weeks


Kristin said...

I'm sure he'll be gorgeous, even if he does get your lips! (What's wrong with them btw?) You look great too, hope the last month goes well for you!

Dan/Kealy said...

I don't know, Glensea and Chen are pretty good names :) And yay for only having one month left!