Thursday, November 11, 2010

Home Improvements

We decided that we needed to quit trying to plan our home improvements and just start doing them. We finally bought some drapes for the downstairs sliding glass doors and the windows. Most of our heat was coming in there. Next summer should be a little more bearable. We also repainted and decorated the downstairs half-bath. It was a not-so-awesome blue color that greeted guests as they walked in the door (if the bathroom door was open). We still need to add a few more decorations and put in a new faucet but it still makes us happy to go in there and see a nice color and a few cute pictures. We are now starting on the upstairs guest bathroom. We are just painting it for now, since we are going to Utah for Thanksgiving and we need to save our pennies. But we plan to eventually redo the tile and put in a nice sink and faucet. Here is a before: And here is the after: (Keep in mind the after was taken with a cellphone. The color is actually a little darker than this. It is a sage-y green color.)We want to get a faucet that matches the frame of the mirror. They have exactly the one we want at Lowes. Now we just need to start saving. Anyway, it is nice to be able to do whatever we want to the house. Maybe in a few years housing prices will go up again and the things we do will actually be worth it as far as sale price goes.... Or maybe we will just enjoy living in a home we decorated.


Shelton and Bethany said...

Hi! I didn't know you were in AZ either. We're in the West Valley (unfortunately far from Queen Creek) but I would love to get together sometime.

And on home improvements... it's hard to actually get down and dirty and carry out your plans, isn't it? It almost always turns out to be worth it though. I love your bathroom! (That would sound kind of odd out of context... but you get what I mean.) :)

Jeepinrox said...

I guess I'll just have to come down again and see the changes you've made in person! Looks great!!! ~Theora