Saturday, January 1, 2011

9 Months

Baby George is nine months today! He is walking from one piece of furniture to the next and he can stand forever. He is starting to get more interested in it. He is learning to make new sounds and talks all the time. I won't have his measurements until later this week after the doctor. It's crazy how different babies are. I remember being so worried when George was four months and not rolling over and now he is walking! Just goes to show that baby books do not apply to all babies. All kids develop differently.

Christmas was awesome! We brought George down early in the morning to see what Santa brought. He was pretty excited to see all of his new toys! We all got new bluray movies to watch and Wii games to play. That sums up most of the past week: movies and video games. We did go see True Grit on Christmas Day. It was great! It has been really nice to have Glen home to play with George while I work. It might be time to find someone to watch him for a few hours a day.

New Year's Eve was also a good time. We went to my parents' for dinner and then lit fireworks. Arizona just made fireworks legal this year. This has not stopped my brother in the past, but it was nice to know we weren't breaking any laws. George loved the fireworks. He just grunted the whole time. The first one was a bit scary but then he figured out that they weren't going to hurt him. It was pretty cold, but luckily George had received warm clothes from Aunt Marie for Christmas.

Then we played Scattergories with my parents and my brother's family. It was really fun! My family is hilarious. We went home around ten and I stayed up until midnight playing Donkey Kong while Glen tried, unsuccessfully, to stay up with me. All in all it was a wonderful holiday season and I am sad to see another one go so quickly.

By the way, my parents got us all a trip to Mexico for Christmas again this year. I can't wait! George will love it! He will learn so many things such as Sand Eating 101 and Professional Ghost Crab Hunting! But we have to wait until May (which is for the best since I need to get in shape...)

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