Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weight Loss

It's that time of year again. No, not the New Year's Resolutions so much as preparing to get in a bathing suit for Mexico. I have no problem getting in a bathing suit now, it's just that in Mexico, every family member has a camera and is trying to capture precious memories. After looking back at last year's precious memories, I have come to the conclusion that I need to get in better shape. We leave on the first Sunday in June so I have roughly four more months.
I would like to say at this point that I am at my pre-pregnancy weight. However, two months before I found out I was pregnant with George, I started training for a triathlon. I was running and swimming every day. (I didn't have a bike but I was going to borrow one.) I lost 20 lbs in the process. Then during my first trimester everything started to hurt so I reluctantly gave up my dream. So, I am at my pre-pre-pregnancy weight. I weigh as much as I did before I lost the 20 lbs before I got pregnant. Which is still 14 lbs less than what I weighed when I started this endeavor this year. So, I plan to lose another 20 lbs to get to my real pre-pregnancy weight and then another 10-15 lbs after that. I know this means nothing to the majority of you but for me, putting this out there will hopefully give me more motivation. Although, the last time I made it public that I was working on losing weight, my diet failed shortly thereafter. But not this time! This time I have Glen on my side which makes a world of difference.
Mexico, June 2010: 2 months postpardum
Mexico, November 2007: 7 months post-mission and 40 lbs lighter


Big Hair said...

You can do it!! If you ever lose motivation, has a great motivation section with some awesome articles that can help light that fire again. Good luck!!

Janae said...
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Janae said...

I know you can do it too! If you can kick a complete 14-year-old stranger in the face with a soccer ball (no, I will never let you live that one down!), I know you can hit your weight loss goal! I've been working hard and got below my pre-pregnancy weight (granted I do have 3 months on you) but I gained some back over the holidays. We can be motivational buddies together!! :)

Janae said...

Sorry, I had to delete my previous comment due to a grammar error.

Kristin said...

Wait... 20#... 40#... I'm so confused. LOL!

I highly recommend p90x, it's working great for me, and also this book,

Good luck! Nothing like a swim suit, and a few camera happy people to motivate you!

Melissa said..., I highly recommend using this site: It helps you know how many calories you should eat to help loose has a bunch of cool stuff on it. I've been using it for just under a month and I've lost 8 pounds, a pant size, an inch off my hips and waist, and a half inch off my neck! It helps you log how many calories you're eating every day...anyway, instead of me blabbing about it, you should just look at it. If you decide to do it,add me as a friend on it and we can motivate each other! :) My userID on it is messyanderson. Good luck! :)

Genevieve and Ryan Davis said...

You can do it Chelsea! Exercise is key for me, cause I have a hard time cutting certain foods completely out of my diet, try an exercise program like P90X or train for a five k, something to keep you motivated, that always helps me. And focus on portion control, thats what I try to do at leaset, its an endless battle, but I wish I had a fun place like Mexico to go to to keep me motivated. You will do great!