Friday, February 10, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Tired

George and I have a new routine. We used to go downstairs about ten and he would go outside for an hour or so and then lunch. Then we go back upstairs and watch a movie and I pray he falls asleep. But I decided I need to start exercising again. So, after lunch, I put him in his stroller and we walk for an hour. Usually he wants to get out of the stroller after about ten minutes so I have to take lots of snacks and things to distract him. After about 25 minutes, he is usually out cold and sleeps for two to three hours. This has been awesome! I get to work out and he takes a nap!

However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Because he is taking a nap, he thinks he can wake up earlier. The naps started Monday and Tuesday morning he was up at six, Wednesday it was 5:30 and Thursday it was 4:45. On Thursday I decided I wasn't going to get up that early so I told him to go back to sleep and after much coaxing he finally did. This morning he was up at six again. Six is okay because that is when my alarm is set anyway so I can go downstairs and have breakfast and read scriptures with Glen, clean the kitchen and shower before work starts at seven. However, he was sleeping until anywhere between 6:30 and eight last week. I have to decide if I want the quality work time while he takes a nap or if I want the extra sleep and get-ready-without-George time in the morning. So far I choose work time and sleepiness.

Maybe I'll wake him up from his nap early but that usually means angry crying for twenty minutes and a bad mood for much longer. I could also put him to bed later but that means less alone time with Glen before we both pass out at ten. We cherish that time sitting on the couch without the boy. And what happens when I have a newborn getting up at 3 am and then George at 5:30? I'm glad Glen will be almost out of school by the time the new one comes. And I am taking the full maternity leave. Last time I only took about a week off. It's hard not to work when you work from home but I will do my best this time. I will need lots of naps.

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Janae said...

Holy smokes! McKinnley wakes up at 7:30, naps from noon to 2:00 and goes back to bed at 7:30....How on earth do you manage???? You are super woman hermana!!