Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Valentine!

My gift to Glen didn't get here in time for Valentine's Day so once again Glen outshined me. He got home from work with beautiful roses in a pot that I can water and keep alive and plant one day. This I prefer to a vase of flowers that will die. He also bought me a new cup so George can stop stealing mine and have my old one. I use it to make sure I get enough water every day and it has a screw on lid so there is less spilling.... That's a problem I have. Then Glen made me a delicious dinner complete with appetizers, steak, baked potatoes, asparagus and croissants. It was so good! And we were so full. My sweetheart always thinks of ways to make me happy. He even used his piano lesson money so it didn't come from our joint bank account. This means nothing to most wives but for me it's huge. Otherwise I feel like money was wasted on me that could have been used for clothes for George or Glen or groceries or bills. I obsess. I love my husband, best friend and lover. He is the best! And he is a fabulous daddy to his little boy. Thank you, honey!

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