Sunday, March 18, 2012

Go Sun Devils!

Glen did it! He made it into the Masters program at ASU. Not only was he chosen from a very large pool of applicants but he was also offered an assistantship that will pay for part of his tuition and pay him a yearly stipend. We are not sure if he will accept the assistantship because we don't know what his current job is going to say when we tell them. They may beg him to stay and offer him a part-time position. They really like him at Legacy. He actually cares about the music program and wants the kids to do well. He is the only music teacher in the district to make sure some of his kids went to All-State orchestra. It was a great experience for them. And he was one of the very few music teachers that were going to stay another year.

Anyway, we are really excited! I'm going to be married to Master! Well, I already am but now he will actually have a degree to prove it.

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Kristin said...

Congratulations Glen! Way to go! Woo Hoo!!!