Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just tell us already!

Glen applied to a master's program at ASU last October. They say this program has rolling enrollment, which in my experience means students are admitted year-round. Apparently it has a different meaning at ASU. Glen emailed the program directors and was told a decision would not be made until late February at the latest, probably March 1st. Well, ASU, it's March 6th. Can you just tell us whether or not he has been excepted? I don't even know where to look to find out if he has been. He has a student account on the website and it still says his application is "In Review". I don't know if that changes first or if they will email him or send a letter. But so far no emails or letters. How can I plan the next two years of my life if I don't know whether or not Glen will be in school? They don't seem to understand the anality with which I plan things. I have already put together a potential schedule for Glen's courses that will work with either his current job or a new part-time job.

I think I am more stressed out about this than Glen. I'm trying not to be because it doesn't change anything if I am stressed.

On a happier note, I only have six and a half weeks until my due date! I am really hoping to go into labor on my own. But the timing of this baby's birth has to be just so, so that I am still on maternity leave when my family takes their vacation in June. I don't want to be on maternity leave for too long because it means less money coming in and then we have less money to pay for Glen to go to school. These are the things I think about daily.

My friend Amiee had her baby at midnight on Sunday night/Monday morning. We all went to the hospital last night to visit and meet the baby. George loved it! He wanted to hold her and wasn't satisfied with being on the ground. He wanted me to hold him so he could see the baby. He also wanted me to hold him when I was holding her. So, I was holding my two year-old, the newborn and my fetus all at once. It was not easy. But I think George will like having a baby at home, at least at first.

Alright, that's all for now. I will be finding out the sex of my newest nephew/niece-to-be in the next hour! Woot!

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