Monday, July 30, 2012


Last Monday we took George to the pet store for family night and let him pick out two goldfish. This was his reward for being fully potty-trained. He picked out an ugly black/brown one and I picked a pretty orange and black one. "Onge" died the next day. "Bwack" lasted another 24 hours. So, on Saturday, we went back and bought a more hearty fish. We got a betta. He is so pretty! George has not named him yet so he is still just "bish" or "bishy". He is a pretty blue and red.They are supposed to live at least one to two years. Here's hoping he's still around next week!


Julie said...

i had a beta that looked just like that before the mission named Banana. i rescued him from being flushed after being used in a wedding reception centerpiece. he lasted like 2 years. pretty awesome. i hope yours lasts forever too!

mlh said...

He'll do best in a heated, filtered tank, but if he's not, clean his bowl weekly and treat the water before you put him in it. Never use soap or other cleaners in his bowl, they leave residues. Also, if you already know all this, ignore me. :)